A qualitative analysis of how individuals utilized the Twitter hashtags #NotOkay and #MeToo to comment on the perpetration of interpersonal violence

Bogen, K. W., Bhuptani, P. H., Haikalis, M., & Orchowski, L. M. (2022). A Qualitative Analysis of How Individuals Utilized the Twitter Hashtags# NotOkay and# MeToo to Comment on the Perpetration of Interpersonal Violence. Social Media+ Society, 8(1).

Link: https://doi.org/10.1177/20563051221086229

Open access: Yes

Notes: Overall, this paper presents valuable insights into how social media platforms are a central place to disclose and make sense of violence with others, which could lead to healing and psychological well-being. This result is essential when considering the productive aspects of the digital representation of violence.

Abstract: The present study examined how individuals describe the nature of interpersonal violence perpetrated against them using the Twitter hashtags #NotOkay and #MeToo. Iterative qualitative coding of 437 tweets resulted in four major themes (i.e., the nature of violence and tactics utilized, the identity of the perpetrator, the location of the assault, and whether the perpetrator was held accountable). Subthemes nested beneath perpetrator identity included whether the perpetrator was known, as well as perpetrator gender identity. Subthemes nested beneath perpetrator tactic included the presence of multiple perpetrators, whether the assault was a crime of opportunity, engagement in physical aggression, utilization of psychological abuse, perpetration of sexual abuse, substance use at the time of the assault (victim and/or perpetrator), whether the abuse persisted, and whether the perpetrator used a weapon. Findings contradict stereotypes that frame interpersonal violence as a single occurrence committed by a stranger who planned an attack using a weapon.

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